Why doTERRA?

My family and me are in love with the doTERRA oils. They are of exquisite, potent and pure quality CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and provide us a safe+effective alternative to chemical or pharmaceutical products.

I love the fact of having natural plant properties as an aid in our highly digital world. We use them in our household as powerful cleaning agents and in our daily natural health care they work their wonders. Our natural helpers support us everyday in aligning our emotions, lift our moods, boost our concentration, and as a stress relief. Indeed, in our family everything goes smoother with the support of our essential oils. Not perfect, but surely with more ease and joy.

The mission and vision of this company has won my heart and inspired me to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Me and my amazing team work daily to teach and educate families how to incorporate these high quality oils into their lives.

You are ready to let the oils into your life ? Let’s do it together. 

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AROMA TOUCH: a clean, fresh and slightly minty smell which supports relaxation. Ideal as a massage oil for neck, shoulders + hands to calm and nurture the body + mind.

WILD ORANGE-  a happiness booster. This is a wonderful citrus oil to boost your happiness, and optimism. The sunshine in a bottle oil is great to put 1-2 drops into your glass of water or to refine any sauce or dip in your kitchen.

PEPPERMINT – one of my favourites. Brings a fresh, clean and bright energy. When you are tired or foggy, just put 1 drop into the palm of your hands rub and inhale. Awakens the mind instantly. A wonderful cooler in the hot summer season.


8 x 5ml bottles + Diffuser + fractionated Coconut Oil

BALANCE- stand strong like a tree! A great oil to ground and centre yourself. Slightly blue in nature put it on the soles of your feet right in the morning to set a balanced tone for your day.

LAVENDEL, calming and nurturing in every situation. Especially beautiful as an evening ritual. Diffuse the sleeping room and rub it in the hands, feet and neck for a restful night sleep.

TEA TREE – a powerful all round talent. Especially effective to fight off unwanted energies and set healthy boundaries. This oil supports you in dropping old + unhealthy habits to rise to a higher frequency of yourself.

ON GUARD – the immune strengthening blend should not be missed in any medicine chest. It will naturally fight off bacteria, fungus or virus and help the body’s immune response. Simply rub 1-2 drops on the effected area to speed up your recovery. Its antibacterial nature makes it also a very effective natural cleaning agent.

DEEP BLUE –  the pain relief blend is great for joint and muscles. Simply rub it on the area of pain to find a soothing relief.



The natural first aid kit 10 x 15ml bottles + Diffuser
LEMON: The oil for focus and clarity. Wonderful in the first morning water. 1-2 drops can support your immun- and metabolic funcitons. Also ideal as a natural DIY cleaning agent.

FRANKINSCENSE: The king oft the oils, is a very precious + spiritual oil. It is especially effective in your yoga + meditation practice. It has cell renewal properties which makes it a very desired ingredient in your natural anti-aging skin care routine.

ON GUARD: The protective blend. May support the immunsystem by fighting germs+bacterias. A blend of clover, cinnamon bark, eukalyptus, wild orange and rosemary.

LAVENDER: A wonderfully calming oil. Supports clear and effective communication. Especially helpful to shake off the day and prepare you for a relaxing eventing sleep. Also great for any irritated skin. Healing and soothing. Great for children.

DEEP BLUE: A pain reliefing blend. The perfect oil after or before your yoga ,workout routine or simply after a long working day. Relaxes muscles + joints. Very soothing.

TEA TREE: My best friend! This oil has strongly cleansing properties. Great for your skin care, disinfection or home cleaner. Energetically the oil of healthy boundary. Fights off negativity and supports you to drop old + unhealthy patterns.

ZENGEST: The digestive blend. Helps with any unwellness in the digestive tract. A powerful combination with anis, ginger, fennel, estragon, peppermint and coriander. Simply put 1-2 drops in a glass of water or rub on your belly.

PEPPERMINT: My personal favorite! With its high menthol content it awakens, refreshes and uplifts the mind. The oil of a boyant heart clears mental fatigue and foggyness. Simply put 1-2 drops of peppermint in your palms rub and inhale 5 times. Cooling in the hot summer season.

OREGANO: One oft the hot oils. Very potent+powerful in a massage or as a cooking oil to spice up your dishes. This oil should always be dilluted with a carrier oil because of its hot nature it may cause skin irritations.

AIR: The respiratory clearing blend for a free+easy breath. Provides a cooling, invigorating vapour. Calms the senses. May free the lungs from stagnation. A powerful oil combination of laurel leaf cardamom, tea tree, lemon peel, ravintsara, eucalyptus, peppermint. Rub on your lungs, chest and soles oft he feet.

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